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Mallacoota Residency Development Community Multi Artform, Technology & Performance Project

Expressions of Interest

Do you have a passion for Music, Art, Drama, Film, Photography, Poetry, Writing, Technology?

Do you want to learn how to use audio &/or visual technology for creative projects or community presentations?

This project may be for you.

Expressions of interest are currently being sought from Mallacoota locals interested in exploring audio and visual technologies for enhancing creativity, presentations and performances.

What’s Involved?

  • All participants will have access to two day long workshops focusing on Live Looping (sound) and Live Cinema (vision).  
  • After attending one or both of these workshops, participants will be divided into small groups, each group consisting of 5 people.
  • Each small group will have 2hrs of directed learning per week for 4 weeks. (Total 8 hours Live Looping Live Cinema lessons per group)
  • The aim of the small groups will be to create an original multi media work to consolidate skills / learning and to share via a community performance.
  • The performance work may consist of live music, live sound design, theatre, narration, story, dance, art, film, animation, photography, poetry, etc, all woven together with technology.
  • This project is open to all Mallacoota locals, ages (11 – 111).
  • The project will combine participant creativity with computer and hardware based technologies to create a new original work.
  • You will need basic computer skills to participate and a willingness to collaborate creatively with others.

Live Looping Workshop -1 day

(Open to all participants)

Acoustic Live Looping is the layering of audio, live, creating the impression of many, without any prerecorded music whatsoever.  

Software Focus: Ableton Live

In this workshop we’ll explore live looping ideas in practical and fun ways.  Primary software demonstrated in the workshop will be Ableton Live, but iPhone / iPad live looping apps will also be explored.  

During the workshop you’ll also learn a simple hack and turn a USB alpha numerical keyboard into a foot pedal board for live looping on your computer.

At days end, participants will have a solid understanding of the ins and outs of acoustic live looping, gained practical hands on experience and been involved in the creation of an original live looped ‘sound’ composition. 

*No prior musical experience needed, just a willingness to explore acoustic sounds.

Live Cinema Workshop – 1 day

(Open to all participants)

Live Cinema software offers a way to share visual content in fun and imaginative ways, via layering of video clips, photos, digitised art and visual effects, live. The result is dynamic interactive intuitive moving image collages.

Software Focus: Resolume Arena

This workshop will focus on the various ways of digitising artwork for use in Live Cinema projects, including animation techniques, film and the parallax effect (2.5D moving photos).

A Software overview of Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premier Pro will be offered, with the main focus for the day being on Live Cinema VJ Software ‘Resolume Avenue’.  Resolume Avenue is where we’ll learn how to take our creative digital content to create a moving and ever evolving visual collage.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have developed a basic understanding of various techniques and possibilities for creating digital content to use in their own creative / community projects.



This  Live Looping Residency Development is about creating a program that gives participants the confidence to use the technology in future projects and enough understanding to continue to expand their knowledge base. 


2017 School Workshop Samples

Last year, whist on a 6 month bicycle cello tour, I presented a number of half day / day Live Looping Live Cinema workshops in schools, offering students and teachers a chance to try out these technologies as a vehicle for creative story telling.  The students and the teachers loved the experience, but I often only got to spend one hour with each group, meaning the learning could never be consolidated

… hence the desire to develop this residency program.

Grade 6’s created this original score to their own original images in a one hour music class.

Grade 5’s created this original score to their own original images in a one hour music class.

An 11 year old cello student came up own original score in less than one hour. Prior to this, he had lost interest in cello, this experience gave him a real spark!!


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